Who We Are?

Provider for cloud based application solution that promises peace of mind, tried and tested solutions.

We understand that innovation is important to keep any business relevant and we dedicate ourselves to being your innovation partner.

Our Solutions
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Our Business Values

  •   We celebrate every small wins
  •   We are in the business of helping people
  •   We embrace every opportunity no matter the size
  •   We believe in not compromising the standards
  •   We nurture this innovative spirit in every part of our organization

Our Technology and Strategic Partners

The establishment of our prosperity comes from putting resources into individuals, partnerships and innovation. We have all you require to secure new clients, keep them returning, and develop your business.

  • Tarsus On Demand
  • PATEDGE Solutions
  • Microlog Consulting

Join Our Partnership Program

Basic membership. Simple online enrollment provides access to the OLAWKI solution suite.
Attended OLAWKI product certification program and are up to date with the latest product knowledge.
Adds revenue and other business commitments in exchange for access to the Deal Registration Incentive.
Requires the highest revenue and business commitments in exchange for the highest level of benefits.

Let us do business together and discover the power of partnership

OLAWKI partner programs
OLAWKI partner programs deliver tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to implement OLAWKI products and solutions.

Partner with OLAWKI to create new markets and promote your business services and solutions to customers worldwide.

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