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June 1, 2021
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Healthcare Sector

Engage your patients and influence information by conveying modified arrangements.

Improve patient-driven consideration with a savvy Cloud programming arrangement.

OLAWKI Healthcare Solution, is an application that gives patient medical care records and centre programming that is speedy and simple to utilize. It gives precise access, refreshing, and capacity of patient data, empowering productive and successful help for improved patient and medical services.

Highlights and Benefits

  • Facility Booking System: Enables the medical care specialist to deal with their time more proficiently.
  • Electronic Health Records: Personal and family ancestry saved securely in the Cloud.
  • Standard PHC Procedures: Includes clinical discussion notes, estimations, vitals, blood results (blood glucose and cholesterol), HIV tests, and other significant data.

More Info

  1. Our answer will help you track your patients Procedures, administrations, and screening.
  2. General assessments, infusions, ladies' wellbeing wound consideration and child wellbeing.
  3. Essentialness health, Momentum wellbeing and redid administrations.
  4. Vitals, estimations, bloods top stream, HIV and Urine.