Flexi Building Plan Solution

Flexible Workflow

A superior and hearty answer for government to carry out for digitization of building plan accommodation and organization work process. This instrument will help you in designing formulars, setting up endorsement divisions for each phase of the plan submission.

What does this cover?

  • - Process of plan submission and assessment
  • - Maintenance of feedback from different stakeholders and departments
  • - Integrated document solution
  • - Configurations of free structures for revenue collection
  • - Flexible VAT, rating, and currency support
  • - Issuance of Permits
  • - Easily track the progress of your application
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The output of our solution help reducing delays in granting of a Home Loan to purchasers and homeowners, and our systems are propelled by the latest and most powerful programming interfaces.
Centralizations of processes across different departments to facilitate and fast track the process of getting customer plans approved on-time with less hassle to all stakeholders including those outside your environment.
Automate the entire processes of plan submittals and transmittals with customizable configuration and notifications to suite your organization needs to help keep an eye on productivity and keep track of plan approval lifecycle.