Cemetery Management Solution


Cemetery Management Solution

Expert Solution for Your Visualization

We are pointed toward increasing the value of both government, district and private claimed graveyards across Africa. Our ability in helping our clients to improve viability, usefulness, benefit and creative costumer experience is driven our center Solution structure that is cross breed with broad foundation in GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

What do you get out of it?

  • - Online cemetery map
  • - Advanced records search
  • - Create/edit and view detailed information of burial records
  • - Paperless trails with BI Reports
  • - Accessibility across multiple devices
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Outwardly dazzling – OLAWKI focuses on exactness, delivering a guide with exact areas of every gravestone and plot, with great satellite imaging as a foundation overlay.
Burial ground information base programming permits you to share notable stories effectively, changing the site. The burial ground gets changed into a space of shared history and tradition of the neighborhood local area, respecting the individuals who have passed on.
It is difficult working a graveyard. On the off chance that you are confronting some troublesome key choices, planning a segment or executing new cycles, you may profit by our experience.