Document Management Solution


Document Management Solution

Provider of the “on-the-go” access to services.

Our 360 degrees Document Management Solution that will enhance your association portfolio and empowering you to convey powerful workflow processes. Doing the manual interaction is tedious and laborious. This likewise uncovered the danger of human mistake which may prompt lost and harmed documents. Henceforth, organizations robotize this cycle utilizing the DMS.

What do you get out of it?

  • - Real-time data aggregation, and synchronized intelligence
  • - Compatible with any size device to display on tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
  • - Configurable reporting, data modelling and trend analysis
  • - Assurance of related compliant implementation
  • - See document transaction info in real-time, and freely export to CSV or other formats like XML.
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Users will be able to submits and register document that will follow the organization business rules and workflow using passwords and patterns to encrypt before storage and should in no circumstances be readable, even by database or system administrators.
Version control. An essential feature to monitor who obtained the file and what actions they performed.
Metadata. Customize document metadata and properties with descriptive information for categorizing, archiving, locating, and retrieving files.