Estate Management

Estate Management Solution

Tap into the full potential of your estate

An application for tenants and home owners to log incident and manage their property at their finger tips. Its center is to be a simple door for occupants to oversee guests, staff, correspondence and general property organization in a basic and delightful interface.

What do you get out of it?

  • - Massively deploy security across your estate
  • - Stay connected in the most challenging communication environments
  • - Landlords and tenants can be granted access to dedicated secured portals to apply for maintenance requests, approve work orders and view Statement of Accounts.
  • - Managing Agent to Oversee your managed properties in a single place, including their related work orders, leases and documentation.
Discover more
Easily invite new visitors or service providers to the estate with the OLAWKI fastpass tickets. Receive notifications on your visitors movements.
Manage your resident population easily from the online dashboard. See contact information, resident files, pets, cars, communication, roles, connections and more!
Manage your tenant population with lease management, profile expiration, notes, communication and file repositories.