Property Valuation Solution

Reliable cloud-based valuation framework

State of the Art Technology for Property Valuers and Municipalities that will give quick and exact valuations that you can unquestionably use to settle on monetary choices. The Solution will help you in your valuation venture giving you an alternative to pick diverse valuation approach whether revenue based or market based.

What do you get out of it?

  • - Better Workflows
  • - Field specialists catch property estimations through the application with coordination to contacts, leads and openings .
  • - Gone are the days where the ventures used to foster the unimportant programming without any preparation for example re-creating the wheel while one is speening is the relic of days gone by.
  • - We plan to be dependable and trusted and give quality valuation reports, tender loving care and serious charges.
Discover more
Valuation of resources for Security/Funding Purposes (mortgage finance) is presently readily available.
Execution of objections and appeal give mortgage holders genuine feelings of serenity and try not to pay a superfluous and expanded month to month property rates cost.
Analysis of income and expenditure statements to optimise net income and in turn increase the value of income generating properties.