Revenue Solution (e-Government)


Revenue Solution (e-Government)

Revenue modernization as a driver for success

Each Municipality and Revenue division needs an answer that will precisely accelerate the installment to compromise measures through our API that coordinates into banks and telecoms. We assist you with opening the maximum capacity of your city incomes and simultaneously, we will work with you to order a stock of existing income streams while ensuring that your by-laws are not simply archive for filling, we will carry out the cycles illustrated in your approaches.

What do you get out of it?

  • - Access the untapped revenue sources
  • - Huge suspense account (untraceable deposits)
  • - Human error due to manual collection (Fraud & Theft)
  • - Collect money that is due and payable according to Municipal System Act
  • - Collect money promptly and give monthly reports.
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An all in one resource Government empowering agent that track all installments to handily follow clients, defaulters and sufficiently circle back to requirement with definite reports and examinations to empower satisfactorily spending income assortments.
A very much changed and redid stage that offers experience that is connecting with on all degrees of income organization, assortment and checking.
Our system has been implemented in several African countries with more countries under development.